Things I have learned as a researcher in Information Technology.
Published on 2015-10-09
In the first post in this series, I listed a number of challenges that you face when writing Acceptance Tests for a Web App. In this post, I will explain how I deal with the fact that there is no headless browser that meets all the requirements that one might need (or at least not all of MY requirements).
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Published on 2015-10-05
A common tenet of Test Driven Development is that you should test your classes in complete isolation from every other class. And that usually means writing Mock Implementations of every component that your Class Under Test (CUT) might collaborate with. But personally, I find that Mock Objects are often more trouble than they are worth, and I tend to avoid them. In this rather long blog post, I explain why I think they are bad, and what I do to avoid using them.
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Published on 2013-09-11
On the surface, timeboxing and estimating may seem very similar, but in fact, they put you in a completely different mindset. The main difference is that with estimating, you are in a mode of GUESSING how long something will take, while with timeboxing, you are CHOOSING how much time to spend on it. As a result, I find that timeboxing tends to result in more predictable timelines than estimation.
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Published on 2013-09-04
Since starting Alpaca Technologies in April 2013, I have had to learn a lot about becoming an entrepreneur. So I read some books, and asked advice from a lot of freelances. Below is a list of all the advice I have picked up so far. I can't say that I have tried all of these bits of wisdom, but whenever I am faced with a business challenge, I look at it to see if something strikes me as directly applicable to my current situation...
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