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Alpaca Technologies is "just 'me", Alain Désilets, a software developer with 25 years experience in creating useful technologies, in contexts that present high levels of market and technological risk. I am based in Gatineau, just across the river from Ottawa.

I am a very versatile developer, with experience in a variety of roles including: Lead Developer, User Experience Designer, Product Owner, Project Manager and Agile Coach. For testimonials regarding my work, see here.

My customers usually hire me for my unique expertise in one or more of the three areas below.

Human Language Technologies

Since 1995, most of my work has been in the area of Human Language Technologies, and in particular, Translation Technologies. If you have an application that needs to make sense of text or speech beyond just keyword search, I can work with you to build this kind of capability using mature, state of the art Natural Language Processing components and methods.

Agile Development Coaching and Training

I was an early adopter of Agile methodologies, and have been using a mix of Extreme Programming and Kanban in all of my projects since 2002. If your organization is interested in becoming more agile, I can help you navigate this space in order to figure out what works for you.

Collaborative Wiki Technologies

The "Wiki Way" has also been a core part of the collaborative way in which I approach all of my projects since 2002. If your organization needs a wiki-like platform to support collaboration, either internally or externally with partners, I can help you figure out what you need, and build one for you using Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware a very versatile platform for building collaborative sites.